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Zodiac Gaming Grip Coming In June
PowerPlay grip looks...mmm...comfy
PowerPlay grip
Jeremy Yaekel of SurfaceInk emailed me yesterday to let me know that they'd be showing something in Tapwave's room at E3 today but he wouldn't say what.  Once again, thanks to E3 Insider, we now know that it's the PowerPlay grip, "an ergonomic grip" that snaps onto the Zodiac for more comfortable gaming.

Here's the full press release:

SurfaceInk® Corporation, a mechanical engineering and product development company, announced today the PowerPlay grip. This is an ergonomic grip created exclusively to fit the Tapwave™ Zodiac™ console. When snapped onto the Zodiac console, it transforms the ergonomics into that of a full-size video game controller. The PowerPlay grip provides ultimate comfort, which enables continuous play for hours and gives the performance advantage every serious Tapwave gamer needs.

The PowerPlay grip is the first aftermarket accessory designed to enhance the Zodiac console gaming experience. "When SurfaceInk first approached us with this idea, we knew it would be a great addition to the Zodiac gaming console," said Tim Twerdahl, Tapwave's Director of Console Development.

"People love the portability of the Zodiac console. Gamers love the feel of a full-size video game controller," said Eric Bauswell, SurfaceInk's President and CEO. "And the PowerPlay grip gives you the best of both worlds."

The PowerPlay grip easily attaches and fits inside the Zodiac sport case. It accommodates a variety of headphones including the Zodiac console's earbuds and includes molded rubber grips for a more stable gaming interface. The Zodiac console already comes with an AC adaptor, a USB/power cable, earbuds, wrist strap and a flip cover.

The PowerPlay will be available in mid-June 2004 at

I think this is a pretty cool idea, though it would probably be a bit too bulky for me to bring along too often.  Still, I've complained about some aches and pains after gaming with the Zodiac for extended periods, so I may just have to get me one of them.
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