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Zodiacs On Sale For The Holidays
Starring palmOne as the ghost of Xmas past
Tapwave's Senior VP of Marketing, Byron Connell, gave me the heads-up that there are some new prices "for the holiday selling season" in effect today.  Because these price drops may be temporary, you should get in on them while the getting's good.

The 128MB equipped Zodiac 2 can now be had for just $349.88 (that's about a $50 savings from the old price) and the 32MB Zodiac 1 for just $269.88 (about a $30 savings).

With the recent release of the Wi-Fi drivers and a free, and quite good, email client, Tapwave is certainly doing everything it can to have an impact in the market.  While they may not have a major impact on portable gaming console sales, with the Nintendo DS and Game Boys likely to rule that market for the time being, these new prices coupled with a ho-hum response to the recent palmOne offerings should demonstrate that palmOne isn't the only player left in the Palm OS world.

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